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June 3, 2010

strange world....

(the lovely harbour in Whitehaven)

Obviously this note has nothing to do with tailoring but simply a thank you to all of the kind condolences sent to us regarding yesterdays awful events. The area is barely an hour from us here and I know the town of Whitehaven very well. In fact I'm filmed in Whitehaven on my little boat at the end of the documentary made about us.

Apart from the fact that this is my home port, which you can imagine is very dear to any sailors heart. This comes as a huge shock as this beautiful county is famed for having very little crime and is basically a very peaceful and safe place to live. There's very little I can say and it's pointless to rant about an individual who has taken advantage of kind people simply getting on with their lives.

This area is of mining and fishing stock and they're used to heartache. But the people of this area are strong and kind. They will gather round as a community and raise the broken hearts of all involved.

As they say "our thoughts and prayers go out to all effected by this". However, I would pause to say a prayer for yourself. Because if this can happen here it can happen anywhere.

Posted by tom at June 3, 2010 1:04 PM


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