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February 24, 2010

fancy one of these....

(ready for buttonholes and final finishing)

I hope the answer to this post is "yes". Who wouldn't like to have a hand made garment crafted entirely for you from start to finish?

The truth is most of us would love that luxury, especially me. But as I've said before I'm too busy looking after everyone else's sartorial dreams to fulfill my own. Sadly, God never made enough time for tailoring beautiful clothes. The answer of course is to make time by finding extra skilled hands. This as you can imagine is the problem. We're a rare bunch us tailors and we're a long time in the making.

However, I have three good bits of news for you. Firstly our trouser apprentice has completed her first year working with Peter who makes 99% of my trousers. This he makes a beautiful job of if I say so myself. Secondly, I am on my third apprentice vying to take over my shears and dare I say it, this may be third time lucky.

(Hugh getting the point)

My good friend Hugh MaCleod of Gapingvoid has heard me lament over the years about my search for someone to take up the shears. When we last met for a good drink and catch up he listened to me, then rummaged in his bag and presented me with this fantastic cartoon. As Hughe's famous for he got it straight away and this said it all. This is a lovely business but the hours locked in the workroom have dashed the hopes of many people who only want the glamorous side of the business and want it quick. Learning something that's initially lowly paid and very hard work does not sit well on today's young shoulders.

I'm feeling pretty confident about my new "striker" that I'll be taking him to America with me this spring. Besides, who wants to travel with a beautiful female assistant all the time. I ended up marrying the last one:)

All joke's aside we can only make the craft survive if we invest in it. Now this I'm quite obviously doing because apprentices simply cost money and you hope you'll have your return in some distant future. Now I'm going to ask you, to be exact only four of you to invest in the crafts future also.

You may be wondering how the unknown fab four will be able to do this? Well I did say that I had three bits of good news, Well here's the plan.

Within the next couple of weeks I'll be posting my US itinerary for this April. I will be visiting my usual four cities but not taking on any new clients in Atlanta or Chicago:( However I'll continue with San Francisco and New York and will be happy to meet all my existing clients and new customers if the diary allows. Atlanta and Chicago are two of my favourite cities but to keep up with my regular clients in the US I can give better service by just concentrating on San Francisco and New York. In future I hope I can tempt my Atlanta and Chicago clients to meet me in New York or San Francisco. Many people panicked because they thought that I said that I would not be traveling to the US any more. However I said I will be continuing to travel regularly to the US but on shorter trips concentrating on my existing clients.

Now this is how you can help. I know that our clothes are worth every penny and by all accounts our prices are very reasonable. However to commission a bespoke suit is a serious investment. To put it simply most people can not yet afford the cost of such luxury no matter how good an investment it may be.

(a plate from one of my old college books)

What I'd like to offer is four suits to be commissioned, two in San Francisco and two in New York. These four suits will be offered at the very heavily discounted price of £1450.00 ($2,238.00 approx). These will be cut and made here in our workshops using the same quality of workmanship and materials. However the only difference is that these will be measured and cut by my apprentice Ethan. The coat will be made by Paul and the trousers by Jamie our other apprentice. I will of course be overseeing this every step of the way and the lucky individuals will have a very beautiful suit to wear for years to come. Normally apprentices are kept hidden away and then sprung on an unsuspecting full price paying client when their "Guvnor" thinks they're good enough or even worse if they think they can get away with it.

Now I'm sure we'll have plenty of takers for this but to be fair apprentices are young and ideally I'd prefer someone who was also new to the world of bespoke. Hopefully this could be the start of a long relationship. We don't want any deadlines. This is for people to learn, both student and client. As I always say this is a process to be enjoyed and not rushed.

So if you want to be one of these young guns first clients drop us a line and we'll fit you in. Remember this isn't just a discounted suit. This is the real deal every step of the way but you'll be investing in the crafts future and the possibility of me putting my feet up one day.

Englishcut.com is in the process of having a makeover so I'll introduce you to the apprentices soon as we have our fresh photos. Remember, Ethan will only measure two people in San Francisco and two in New York. Please don't be disappointed if he cannot see you on this occasion.

I hope to do something similar here in the the UK so please get in touch.

Posted by tom at February 24, 2010 3:00 PM


Wow. I know people say this all the time but this is definitely a situation where I wish I had the money. This is everything I believe in.

Posted by: twoeightnine at February 24, 2010 11:59 PM

Have to agree with the above comment! Will get there 1 day.

Posted by: Antonis at April 7, 2010 11:09 AM

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