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September 16, 2005

thomas' top ten

('Rock of Eye': one of my freehand patterns.)

For those new to this site, I thought a small overview of my favourite blog entries would be in order; my "Greatest Hits", as it were:

1. Savile Row Who's Who. A brief introduction to the famous firms on Savile Row, so the first time you walk down it, you won't feel a complete stranger.

2. Mr. Sheppard's Shears. The story behind my own pair of cutting shears, and the person who gave them to me: arguably the greatest tailor of the twentieth century- Mr. Dennis Hallbery, Head Cutter at Anderson & Sheppard.

3. In Manhattan. Every three months, I visit my customers in America. This article explains the nuts and bolts of how Savile Row tailors generally operate on the other side of the pond. [NB: Details of my next U.S. visit are here.]

4. Why Use Thomas? What you're getting if you decide to have me as your tailor, as opposed to the other wonderful firms on the Row.

5. How To Draft A Pattern. Every bespoke Savile Row customer will have his suit cut from a unique individual cutting pattern, hand-drafted by his tailor. This article lists the three main techniques used on Savile Row, including "Rock Of Eye", which is my specialty.

6. The Three Main Fittings. A guide to the Skeletal Baste, the Forward, and the Finish Bar Finish i.e. the 3 main fittings needed for a Savile Row suit.

7. What If You Only Have £200? Classic tailoring on a limited budget: my advice.

8. Worsteds And Super Numbers. An article about the basic cloths used in Savile Row tailoring.

9. Mr. Cameron. A lovely story about one of the greatest characters on Savile Row of all time. Mr. Cameron was the tailor who taught my teacher, Mr. Hallbery, back at Anderson & Sheppard.

10. How To Spot A Drunken Tailor. The pubs around Savile Row that the tailors all frequent.

[Other useful pages:]
My "About" page.

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Media Page. English Cut in the media etc.

The Apprentice. Advice for young people wanting to break into the trade.

What is "bespoke"?

How to pick a bespoke tailor.

Fused vs Floating.
About the basic technicalities of structuring a coat.

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