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March 29, 2005

single breasted, peaked lapel

I was cutting for a client one of the most elegant styles out there: a single-breasted with a peaked lapel.

What a fabulous cloth: grey wool worsted with a crisp blue windowpane check, from Lessers & Sons, the renowned London cloth merchants.

That little bit sticking out on the right- that's the peaked lapel, and that's me holding its opposite number, mirrored on the left.

It's a very, very hard cut to get exactly right. The balance between width and shape of the lapel has to be absolutely perfect, or else it will look too skimpy, or too clumsy.

This is why you normally only see peaked lapels on double-breasted suits. To cut them perfectly on a single-breasted suit will test even the most experienced tailor. Not a job for the faint-hearted.

I saw a great advertisement for the single-breasted peaked on the telly over the weekend... Fred Astaire was wearing a stunningly gorgeous, cream coloured, 3-piece in the classic 1948 film, Easter Parade.


My client's suit is at the sewing tailor's now. It should be back shortly, and I'll post a picture of it on the mannequin when it arrives, ready for its "forward" with the client.

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