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March 7, 2005

anderson's is moving...


My former employer, Anderson & Sheppard are moving off Savile Row next week. This is their new address at 32 Old Burlington Street, just round the corner. You can just see their new sign.

It's where Davies' had their old place. Naturally, I prefer their old building at Number 30 Savile Row.

I shall miss dear old Number 30.

This is something I’ve known about for a while, but I guess I’ve been ignoring the fact. I suppose we all hoped that the great building would remain to house one of the world's greatest tailors. But that’s life.

It’s very sad that they are moving, and I know that it’s the people that make a company, not the bricks and mortar. But Savile Row just wont be the same without them.

The lease ran out a few years ago, and although they’ve had a stay of execution, the developers are moving in next week. Change is inevitable, I suppose.

On a brighter note, I was talking to Colin Heywood and John Malone from Anderson's last week. They're of course sorry that they‘ve got to move, however the Davies’s premises in Burlington Street have been completely gutted and the new shop sounds fantastic. I know there’ll be the smell of fresh paint for a while, but I’m sure Anderson’s will recapture that “comfy pair of slippers” feel about their new shop in no time at all.

Anderson’s have "first refusal" to return to Number 30, should they wish. But with the ridiculous rent and rates required for Central Mayfair, I’ve been told there’s little chance of that happening. I gather the lower ground may be turned into a couple of retail units with offices above.

I wonder if the new occupants will have any real idea of the sartorial adventures that went on within those walls.

I really hope that the spot where the rug was rolled up on the parquet floor, so Mr. Astaire could dance to check the fit of his coat never came away from his collar, won't be the permanent resting place for a new Xerox machine. God forbid.

Well that’s that, and I and the rest of the Row wish them every success in their new home, where I’m sure they’ll be for another 100 years.

Then again, on another level it's actually quite good news for the tailors. Suddenly they're a lot closer to Mulligan's.

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