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An English Cut suit at $700 / £415

English Cut
English Cut

Bespoke Savile Row tailoring is our business. We’ve been telling you the truth about this craft for ten years and now we want to offer the Savile Row experience to everyone.

Our bespoke service is a specialised product and we’re fully aware the cost is out of reach for many people. We have been looking for a way to offer a suit that has the best hallmarks of English tailoring. After a long search and nearly two years in the planning, we feel we have something very special for you. An English Cut suit averaging $700 (£415).

Approaching this from the same angle we approach everything, making quality our priority. We are offering suits made to order, using only fine worsted fabrics from England. After searching everywhere for a maker that would tailor to our exact standards, we are confident that we have found the best people to tailor for you. Whilst maintaining our soft comfortable style with high armholes for movement. The very essence of an English suit.

There are a lot of companies offering a suit around this price point. But ask yourself, how many of these are actual tailors with a proven background? Do they have a heritage in the trade and know what is most important in a suit?

We look forward to welcoming new clients in to our craft.




English Cut Online

English Cut Online


  1. Paul says

    How does this work? Are you, in effect, offering a made to measure garment? This is a friendly question, not a snipe!

  2. James says

    I thought that you had started an MTM offer using an Indian firm about three years ago? Has this stopped/never really started?

  3. Paul says

    Back again, Tom!

    Does the Indian MTM service still operate? If so, what are the costs? How does that service compare with Whticombe and Shaftesbury classic bespoke with the same Indian tailors?

    I really enjoy visiting this website, it is so informative and feels very welcoming.

    • Tom Mahon says

      That’s very kind of you Paul. Yes, it does exist but I don’t deal with it as it was very popular and I concentrate on the bespoke. You can still get the service if you contact Whticombe and Shaftesbury.

  4. yan says

    I wear IT 44 slim fit and usually still need to taper the jacket. any chance you will be offering such small/slim cuts? Cheers! Yan

      • James says

        I’ve had 2 made-to-measures from Gieves & Hawkes. The garment comes back from their factory finished (of course, because it’s MTM) but after I go in to try it on, it still needs tweaking (I have broad shoulders with a relitively small chest and waist). So the jacket goes downstairs to be taken in, and I pick it up a few days later. From what G&H said, most people don’t have this extra stage (what is effectively a ‘fitting’).

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