Al Fresco….

A rising demand for ‘Fresco’ cloth this summer has warranted a short review of why it is unique, and why it’s proving such a big hit this year.

Provided exclusively by Hardy Minis, Fresco is extremely breathable and hard-wearing – making this cloth ideal for the travelling gentleman. Being able to keep cool in hotter climates as well the ability for coats and trousers to survive hours of ‘over-head locker class’, is a common priority when selecting the right cloth. The creases that often develop in the front of the trousers and elbow fold of the coat, are certainly reduced with a Fresco. Actually, being a fan himself, Mr Mahon made himself a mid-grey Fresco two piece for trips to Tokyo this year. He was more than delighted with how it has traveled and how well it dealt with the high humidity of Japan.

How is it milled? – good question. Made of multiple yarn, high twisted wool and has a plain weave. The high twist allows for an open weave which makes the fabric very airy, in fact if it is held to the light you will be able to see through it. This could leave the layman feeling it may not be hard wearing, but the truth is quite the opposite.

It has to be said though, as with life in general, there is usually some sort of trade off, and in this case it’s feel in the hands… for durability and coolness. Due to it’s high twist, it does have somewhat of a dry feel to it, and will not be something a regular worsted wool wearer will be used to. Weights range from 8oz–15oz.

So…. what are your initial thoughts? – Will you be dining Al Fresco??

Wishing you the very best from all of us here,

Tom Ritson

Apprentice to Mr Mahon.

photo (3)
A recently completed jacket made of 100% wool Fresco, for one of our our American clients)


  1. TK says

    Very curious to know how this jacket was made internally. I recently had a jacket made of the very same cloth and often both the canvas and the sleeve lining are showing through the navy fresco. Did you use darker materials to work with?

    • Tom Mahon says

      Good point and as I said it is a very dry feeling cloth. We’re far too polite to say rough;)

      Finmeresco is super but there’s a better range of designs in the Frescos.

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