soft roll…..

soft roll…..

(simply elegant)
We’re just about to put this beautiful classic double breasted suit in a box bound for San Francisco. It’s about as good as it gets in simple style.
This is a Lessers hopsack cut in our usual style of four buttons with two show. The reason I took these couple of snaps is that you can easily see how softly tailored our garments are.
The first picture is the usual way of wearing a Savile Row cut db, that’s with only the top buttoned fastened, never both. Unless you’re in the Royal Navy and can’t get out of the habit.
However, I’m not saying the gentleman who owns this will wear it any other way but if he wished to he can open up more of the coat by quite easily fastening the roll to the bottom button. People do this simply to alter the look. Of course you’ve got to have a very softly constructed jacket to do it in the first place or it’ll look plain weird.
This coat is new and therefore a little on the firm side. The true look starts to come when it’s a year or so old. However, as you can see the softness is very evident by the way it so easily rolls to the bottom button in the picture below.
(softly does it)
Not the most remarkable post but I hope it goes some way to describe our soft, draped tailoring construction.
By the way the party in NYC has been totally oversubscribed which is wonderful. I’ll let the twenty know soon and confirm all the details. As I said after 9pm that evening anyone can join us if we’ll all fit in:)
  • Kirby Allison
    Posted at 15:12h, 05 October Reply

    The fabric looks heavier. What is the weight? Does the weight of the fabric make much of a difference when trying to achieve a soft look?

  • gary
    Posted at 11:36h, 20 October Reply

    dear sir
    Im thinking about a db with you but I only want two buttons showing and I want a semi drape 40’s style. what can you advise on this cut. thanks great blog

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