fashion… who cares?

fashion… who cares?

(suits, suits and more suits for recutting)

I had a great time in the US, as usual. I was privileged to meet some wonderful people on my travels.

I don’t know if it was because I was visiting both sides of the country and the middle, but everyone seemed to be trying to outdo the other towns with their kindness. Lucy said she’s never met such a wonderful and interesting group of people. All of my customers, old and new, were great ambassadors of their home towns and country.

Lucy did a wonderful job and was liked by everyone. She can definitely come again.

Well, I’m back home now, and it’s time to lock myself away here at the Hall and do the real work. It’s great to travel but you can’t beat home, wherever that is. I think most of us think that.

As I was meeting quite a concentrated amount of customers in a relatively short time, something occurred to me. One of the most common questions I’m asked by lots my customers is, “What’s in fashion”?

This seems a bit of an odd question, bearing in mind that the English Cut product is basically a timeless classic. But I get asked this very regularly, not because they doubt the timeless appeal of a handmade suit, but more because of the little details which are brought up at the fittings. Most of my customers are happy with the classic suit concept, but they’re often surprised at the wide variety of styles available.

(Lucy, smiling her way round the US)

When you start asking questions like single or double breasted, straight or slanted pockets, center or side vents, this is when I normally get asked “what’s most in at the moment”?

I always give the same answer: “It doesn’t matter, it’s bespoke”.

Obviously I’ll do my best to dissuade you from a style that wouldn’t suit you. But the rest is up to you. I think if I was to compare all the requests for the various styles over the last twenty years they’re all as equally popular.

So if you’re lucky enough to order bespoke from any of the great tailors in the world, don’t worry, your suit will still stand the test of time, long after many of the celebs and glossies fashion writers are picking up their pension.

Mr. Hallbery once told me, “We don’t go around fashion, it goes around us”. I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant- it certainly isn’t meant to be, it’s just a fact. It isn’t hard to think of many elegant male icons, both past and present, that are always pictured beautifully dressed in a classically cut, Savile Row suit.

Remember, at the end of the day, its about you, and you can let the fashionistas run their full paranoid circle all by themselves. Your suit will still look wonderful, whatever the enlightened fashion leaders think. OK, it may not look so hot on you when you need a zimmer frame, but your son or nephew will make it brand new again, when he finally inherits it. How’s that for timeless?

So what’s in fashion? I promise you- going with Savile Row means you no longer have to care.

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